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jds2001FESCo meeting ping -- bpepple, dgilmore, dwmw2, jwb, notting, nirik, sharkcz, jds2001, j-rod
jds2001umm sorry im late :)
* notting is here
* jds2001 was reading thread-o-doom of the week on f-devel and lost track of time :/
dgilmore is here
dgilmorejds2001: indeed
* jwb is here
sharkcz is here
jds2001so is there anything to discuss?
dgilmorei have nothing
nottingorcan had something he wanted input on
dgilmorewell today is the last day to nominate for FESCo or the board
jds2001well we have a good amount of nominations, which is most excellent.
dgilmorethere will likely be last minute ones
jds2001did we want to preemptively discuss the thread-o-doom of the week, or hold off til it's actually raised to us?
nottingit's not a fesco issue
nottingit's a legal issue or a board one, if there are no legal issues
* bpepple is here for a little bit.
notting(or were you referring to kmods)?
* abadger1999 notes that both the recent threads-o-doom center on "What is the Fedora Package Collection"
dgilmorenotting: kmods id wait till someone brings us a new proposal
the other bit i agree, its a legal/board issue
* jds2001 punts that to the board as a more specific part of "What is Fedora"
ogetnotting: yes the Sound&Video subgrouping project needs some input
jds2001oget: catch me up on that, I've been preparing to move and reading less than I perhaps should be.
ogetjds2001: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2009-May/msg02165.html
jds2001hmm, interesting.
so you're proposing three menus deep? Multimedia->Capture & Import->A/V demux for example?
jds2001I can understand two, but do we have enough applications to justify three?
ogetjds2001: no I propose 2.
jds2001Oh, that's more reasonable :)
oget3rd depth is applications thewselves
just like the games menu is today (if you install the right package, i forget what it is off the top of my head)
nottingit seems more depth than needed for the general case. but i could see a preferences-menu sort of package that does this for those that need it
sharkcza "normal" user will have usually only 1 app per category installed ...
bpeppledoes this really meet the threshold of being a feature? https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Policy/Definitions#Definition_of_a_Feature
jds2001bpepple: the feature isn't up for review yet :)  oget was just asking for implementation input.
jds2001but it is a user-visible change, so I don't see why it isn't.
ogetthe initial target was the audio production folks. I, for one, have around 100 applications in that menu, which makes it really impractical to find something. From my understanding, if the user has no applications installed in a subgroup, that subgroup does not show up
jds2001is it possible to make this optional like the games submenus?
ogetAnd for general case, I put the most generic applications (viewers/players) directly in the first depth
* bpepple needs to leave for a bit.
* jds2001 not generally a desktop guy, so I've not looked into how that package does it's magic.
ogetjds2001: I didn't know that games' grouping was optional. I always had it that way. But yes, sure, it can be made that way
jds2001yeah, it's in the games-menus package.
* oget will look that up
ogethow about comps? I'm a comps noob. Does this affect comps?
jds2001i wouldnt think so.
jds2001anything else on this?
or anything else?
* jds2001 closes the meeting in 30
ogethmm, I don't have the games-menus installed but I have the games categorized
ogetmaybe it's a KDE thing
jds2001== MEETING END ==

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